How does matchmaking work

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MatchMaking Rating (MMR) EXPLAINED - Overwatch

How does matchmaking work in comp? So, let's say I'm at points, and a have a friend that's never played before 0 points. One match we played our team's highest was around and we matched a team with at least 2 people at I don't really mind every now and again but it definitely does match you with people well over your rank at times. In this case they had the emblem that tracks their points.

You can also look them up on destinytracker. The opposition will generally be around the higher players rank.

How Matchmakers Work

Anecdotally, I've been in this position. I'm the glory player who just completed my 10 matches of Comp. Played with my clanmate last night who is about and the opposing team we're very, very sweaty. Not anything like what I had been seeing mucking around in the kiddie pool. I've been hanging around Glory for the past couple of days, and every match I get into there's at least 2 guys on the other team with Luna. I gave up and loaded into quickplay, then rumble to work on the Broadsword quest.

Guess what I kept getting killed by in both? In my experience it doesn't work. Just matches any rating and any party sizes without restrictions PC. Oh I know that part! Just want to see if I team up with a friend of mine, he'll have to suffer like I do, or if it's more manageable. Id also like to know how it works exactly. I generally played only with teams around my rank so I can't say much. Seemed to match us against similar ranking players as far as I could tell.

But, I started to wonder if it went based off the highest player at one point. I only say that because when 2 other buddies and I ranged from invited someone who ended up being at we were matching against players around his rank which we weren't before we invited him. One 4 stack team we matched was at , , and Their total Glory was waaay above ours.

Although there probably wasn't many teams out there as high as them in the match making pool so maybe they consistently ended up against lower teams like us due to that. The lowest comp rating they had was like as well.

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From my experience it seems to go mostly off a Glory score average, but there are background SBMM factors at play. Other clan mates, opponents are at a more even or lower level. The only trend I've noticed is that it gets really sweaty at night. Otherwise it seems pretty much random. It first pulls a group of people based off a glory range with similar connection group average with max values incorporated.

Now the actual ranges of glory is what is interesting. Between glory it is noticeably easier. I believe they have it setup in tiers. Think of it as the way they have strikes setup.

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I am assuming if someone is on your team with as in your case, this would send you in the next tier. Depending on length of time waiting is when you could possibly get moved around in tiers.

I believe last season they also added that teams of 4 matchmaking is easier for non teams of 4. Meaning possibly a team of 4 can draw in a pool of higher level tier players. From personal experience, it is a crapshoot but again, between I would match players that were absolutely god awful or not even level But as I started climbing it is getting sweatier and sweatier.

Occasionally not often I will run into a god team. I play with 1 other friend and I stopped trying to dodge teams of 4 because it seems more times than not the team of 4 we play is not very strong. I strongly believe that when you run in a 4 stack, your teams average glory is multiplied by some unknown amount and you are matched with players or teams with that higher glory.

The effect is less for 3 or 2 stacks. This presents a problem because once you reach a certain glory, like around or up for whole team, running in a 4 stack guarantees matching against around to plus every game. That is because those teams may not be affected by the system since there aren't any players that would be at the theoretical glory the system is multiplying their average glory to. To support this, I tested playing in a stack with players around my glory and solo.

MMR is like a "hidden rank" and increases or decreased based off your individual performance. Like I said, that could be wrong but it makes sense based off what I've seen in my own games.

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It is all of your quits. You literally have over half your games as did not finish DNF. Which is a loss, so it keeps your CSR low, which matches you against new players consistently. I would recommend doing rank and seeing how you do. Remember to try to finish games.

How does matchmaking work in comp? : CruciblePlaybook

For perspective, I'm an okay casual at best in Halo. When I play against good guys, and finish my games, I get absolutely stomped: To add to what J Teeps , When the game matches teams together it tries to even things, by sometimes having to put high and low players together to try and even things out. Most of the time I find that it does a half decent job of it. For social playlists I was under the impression that it's all dependent on MMR. That's based on some things I've read and watched, I could be wrong though.

I kind of have a hard time believing that you don't know what's going on based on your games that I went through from March 31st to now. Do you really think your win percentage should be high if all you do is quit out of games? Out of 47 BTB games, you won 5 and lost 40 with 2 ties.