Dating fbi special agent

A person alone whose feet point toward the exit reflects a desire to leave or need for a reason to stay — like a friendly new face. Isopraxism, or mirroring the actions of others, is critical when making a first impression, because the other person will notice the lack of synchronous movement.

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Met by crossed arms? Schafer and Karlins argue an office gossip can be a trusted intermediary to deliver the goods and vouch for them as authentic.

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Lip touching indicates uneasiness with the topic at hand. Respond by addressing their presumed concern or change the subject. A good test for rapport between two people is the hair flip, the authors write.

Has anyone dated or married an FBI agent.? | Yahoo Answers

Tossing your head with a hand in your hair is a strong positive signal as long as there is mutual eye contact. Standing wider, with hands on hips, is an aggressive stance. Clenching fists or furrowing a brow indicate advancing aggravation and attempts to display dominance. Applying for a job with the Federal Bureau of Investigation entails a microscopic inspection of every facet of your life over the course of several months.

As part of the FBI pre-employment background screening, your relatives, boss and even the grumpy lady next door may be asked for an opinion of your character and lifestyle. Competition is keen, and any red flags can knock you out of the running.


Depending on the job you are assigned, you may sit in a cubicle day after day investigating cybercrime, or you might risk your life on top-secret assignments. Job duties of FBI agents vary significantly.

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Responsibilities are tied to your area of specialization, which may be forensic accounting, foreign language proficiency, cybercrime, intelligence gathering, surveillance, counterterrorism or legal affairs. Your expertise may be needed anywhere in the world including remote, isolated and volatile regions, so you must be ready to move without complaint on short notice.

Has anyone dated or married an FBI agent.?

Visits to family and communication back home may be infrequent. FBI agents must meet rigorous physical standards even if they are experts at cracking malicious computer code or spotting white-collar Ponzi schemes by spreadsheet analysis. The FBI explains that all agents may find themselves in life-threatening situations, so computer geeks and accountants must also be able to fire guns and handcuff criminals. FBI agents involved in the more glamorous work of investigating organized crime, busting drug lords and profiling serial killers can be injured or killed.

I sort of agree with JohnDoe about disengaging. If this girl were someone you were really serious about and wanted to marry, that would be one thing So I guess you have to ask yourself whether having a casual, short-term relationship is really worth the risk of potentially having your background investigation stall or slow down due to her being investigated. Don't take our advice too seriously, though.

Dating an FBI Agent

You should probably post your question in the security clearance forum and ask one of the background investigators who regularly post there to help you. They will likely give you a much better response! When to report who you're dating - When to report who you're dating. Wednesday, September 08, Not sure if I should have posted this in the security clearance forum or here. I'm going through the process with the FBI to be a special agent.

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  5. I'm already in my background investigation stage. I just started seeing a girl who is Russian she's been here since she was 16 but is not a citizen.

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    She does not know about my potential employment with the FBI at this point. Do you think I should speak with my AC or would that just be making a big deal out of nothing? If I start working for the FBI the relationship would almost certainly end since I'd be moving to another field office. Oh, and if she starts asking strange questions ; Indeed Thursday, September 09, 8: