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I used that time to heal, get to know myself better and realign my priorities. Dating the right way takes a lot of time and effort.

How-to Dating Detox

No matter your reasons for a dating detox, here are a few easy ways to get out of the dating scene. Lovely things happen online but only if the time is right. Delete your accounts and uncheck those bookmarks. Make it easy for yourself to stick with your plan percent.

Plan special nights, go on girls-only trips and show the most important women in your life how much you care. The extra love you show your girls is going to instantly boost your relationships, and after some less than awesome dating experiences, it will be super rewarding to get back exactly what you put into a relationship. Remember how awesome you are? I said remember how awesome you are? After a slew of tough first dates or a really crappy break up, I know that I would start to feel the icks about myself.

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You have an inner goddess, and you need to find her and believe in her before you can find a man who will treat you like a goddess. A dating detox does not mean a man detox.

The Dating Detox

Spend time with your bestie and her husband or have a working lunch with that new man in the office. Train your brain to not react to every guy with a pecker as a possible boyfriend. Spend that time with your family, the people who know you best. It could mean spending more time with your kids, talking to your parents more, or making a trip to go out and see your niece and nephew.

Her outgoing personality, love for life, and sense of fun has helped her meet men anywhere she goes. Some of her dates turn into short-term relationships, but she is really looking for a real relationship that will last with someone she can build a future with.

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For the first time in the 15 years that I've known her, she is participating in a day dating detox -- meaning she is taking a month-long break from dating. She is not engaging in conversation with men at the bar, she has deleted her online profile, and she is just focusing on herself and reflecting on her past dating experience.

The key elements of the dating detox are great: I didn't realize until "E" had mentioned it that I have been participating in a dating detox off and on for the past two years. My dating life definitely has ebbs and flows where I will go out on three or four dates a month for a few months and then retreat back into a self-imposed hibernation where I focus on myself and my goals.

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Has the dating detox helped me? Am I still attracted to the wrong type of man? But the difference is now, I realize that you can still be attracted to someone and not act on it.

After my divorce, I kept dating men who were similar to my ex-husband, although I did not realize it at first. I was continuing to use the same outdated dating skills that I had used in my early twenties the last time I had been single. It wasn't until I went into my first dating hibernation that I realized that I was repeating the same pattern over and over.

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For me the first step in breaking the pattern was understanding my role in the relationship. What is it about me and my past that is attracted to a certain kind of man? One that is controlling, emotionally unavailable, and unsupportive.